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Capture by cobalt123 on Flickr July Another classic from my folder. — Pumpkin Spice Godzilla (@LeftistGodzilla) July 19, 2022 A Brief History of Nobody Wants to Work Anymore 🧵 — Paul Fairie (@paulisci) July 19, 2022 August While looking for something else entirely, I ran across this awesome letter that Hal Foster sent to Milton Caniff in 1938! It’s hilarious! #halfoster #miltoncaniff @CartoonLibrary — Jenny Robb (@JennyRobb) August 4, 2022 recently discovered you can push text scammers to their breaking point simply by playing along with the scam pic.

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Public domain April We saw this fireball on the Kitt Peak all sky camera last night. — David Lee Summers (@davidleesummers) April 4, 2022 So much history in one photo. #wirksworth materiality ✅ — D a v i d B r o o k s (@DSBArchitect) April 15, 2022 I am once again thinking about castle suburb — 🍂 LG 🍂. (@LASERGIANT1) April 17, 2022 Gary Cohen’s play-by-play broadcast call of the Mets comeback in Philadelphia is something you need to hear (and see) 😂

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Making the most of this brief time on Earth. January Absurd thin section. Tourmaline and Muscovite with the edge of a garnet on the far right. 3.8+ billion years old. Just knocks my socks off. — Dominic D'Amato (@earthscienceguy) January 12, 2022 And that is also why gold is yellow — Luca Turin 🇮🇹🇪🇺 (@vortuosity) January 18, 2022 7 poems in 7 days: day 6 the well bucket


Fraught, with moments of transcendence. January This ice thawing from underneath is rather mesmerising... — ElizabethRose Murray (@ERMurray) January 10, 2021 If I keep the z latent constant and interpolate between two different values for the lowest resolution noise tensor I get a video like this. Much better things appear and disappear. So isn't that first noise layer a 512x4x4 Gaussian tensor? Sounds a lot like a latent to me.

A few more things to stir the creative juices

I thought I’d put out another collection of tidbits I ran across that give me ideas of things I might want to do or create. There are lots of other preoccupations in my mind besides these, but I prefer to collect the ones worth keeping around Every night we are witnesses to a bigger bunch of explosions than anything ever shot up into the sky, though we don’t get to hear the sounds of all that energy being released.

Links for 15 January 2021

Like most people, I like roaming around the web looking for cool things, and sometimes get the feeling that I’ve run across something worth bookmarking, something I want to mull over in the future. Some of them are worth saying a few words about, and I was thinking I would put these up on the blog in hopes that someone might find them fascinating too. This is the kind of video I think people are looking for in the middle of a frightening epidemic while there is talk of unrest liable to break out at any moment.


Not your average year, all in all January The mesmerizing synchronized flight of Starlings is known as a murmuration. Why do they do this? Flying in a group of hundreds, sometimes thousands, provides protection against predators. To stay in formation, each starling is in tune with the motions of 7 surrounding neighbors! — American Museum of Natural History (@AMNH) January 22, 2020 I made some edits to Wikipedia this morning #RIPGOP #RIPSenate #RIPDemocracy #RIPAmerica pic.

Academic titles of address

Photo by Muzammil Soorma on Unsplash There is a controversy out just now about whether holders of doctoral degrees other than medical doctors ought to use the title of Doctor before their names. I have some thoughts on the subject as a PhD holder in Physics. When I was in graduate school we would joke about the German practice of using honorifics for people according to their precise level of advancement, so a Herr Doktor would be outranked by a a Herr Professor Doktor and so forth.


January I don't think its a sin to sing off-key but it's probably a corporal work of mercy to sing in tune, and for some, to keep silent. — ❉ Linus Brickle (@LinusQuickle) January 13, 2019 What your users see when you don't label unfamiliar icons. #ux #design — Doug Collins (@DougCollinsUX) January 14, 2019 April Thread I’m waiting on kitty ultrasound results and trying to distract myself a little bit so I’d like to tell you a story about something that happened last night, in the hopes that I can process my feelings around it.

Five scifaiku months

© publicdomainstockphotos Free photo ID 84930337 | This is the third year I engaged in the discipline of writing and posting a poem on the Yahoo groups Scifaiku list I’ve been a member of for a dozen years or so. In past years I maintained a scifaiku writing timetable. One year, I wrote a new poem every single day for the entire year to see how much of a challenge that would be for me.

Best of 2018 in Twitter (so far)

Has it already been a half year since I’ve done one of these? Let me get these out in a more timely fashion than waiting till the end of the calendar year. January Two dying memoirists wrote bestsellers about their final days. Then their spouses fell in love. — Emily Guskin (@EmGusk) January 4, 2018 My password generator just spat out a password that starts with <H1> and ends with </H1> and now I’m seriously questioning the RNG.

Twitter 2017

© Publicdomainphotos ID 101555379 | Dreamstime Stock Photos These are the most memorable tweets I collected in 2017. January There are only two hard problems in distributed systems: 2. Exactly-once delivery 1. Guaranteed order of messages 2. Exactly-once delivery — Eric Elliott (@_ericelliott) January 4, 2017 And @womensmarchchi embroidered protest sign is hooped and ready! @womensmarch #notmypresident — Shannon “Badass Cross Stitch” Downey (@ShannonDowney) January 19, 2017 100,000 galaxies, including our own, are fleeing a vast cosmic void, the "dipole repeller.

Public private

For every post here I write maybe three for my own use over on Penzu as a sort of diary of what’s going on. I’ve learned that it’s too easy to forget a lot sooner than you expect just what you were experiencing and saying and doing if you don’t leave some kind of traces for yourself to get back into your head in times past. What I write are things too personal or professionally sensitive to want to put out on a public blog like this, or more often things that only I figure I would be interested in knowing about.

twitter2016 2

Here is the final set of tweets I thought were worth collecting. More than anything, it reminds me how much of a visual creature I am. And yes, there is one overtly political tweet in among the others. September Just Pinned to Animated: phyllo-eye — Meteorite NWA 12690 (@richmagahiz) September 23, 2016 October Just Pinned to Travel: A volcano, the Milky Way, the Moon, and a meteor pic.

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Here is the second installment of my list of memorable tweets from last year. I didn’t include any of the memorial tweets attached to the many cultural figures who died during the year because I figure they are collected elsewhere anyway. These are just snapshots in the moment as they moved me. August Just Pinned to Visual art: The Transcendental Lightscapes Of James Turrell – — Meteorite NWA 12690 (@richmagahiz) August 3, 2016 https://t.

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While 2016 had some pretty awful things happen throughout, there were a number of aspects I will remember with some fondness. I went through my timeline and picked out some of the memorable ones. There were so many I’ll have to post this in installments. Thanks to all the people who made me think, who showed me something in a different way, or who had the impulse to go and actually do something.