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Favorites from Mastodon 2022

Chesapeake Bay Gold
Capture by Les Halstead on Flickr

I’ve been on the platform for a number of years, but have been following the crowd reducing the exposure to the turmoil on Twitter. Here are a few of the items from the last few months I marked as favourites. The styling isn’t quite what I want, so I might change some of the tooling to bring it more in line with the other pages here.


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The boys
They returned to town
The boys are back


Abusing my #calligraphy privileges XD #MastoArt

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rating boost counts on masto:

0 boosts - these posts are the backbone of fedi, braver than any us marine
1-3 boosts - ideal number of boosts, sharing stuff w/ ur friends
4-10 boosts - your post got a lil attention! nice job!
10-20 boosts - wow it's really making the rounds. good in moderation
30-60 boosts - they're still boosting that huh. hope they stop soon
60-120 boots - too many boosts, i want off of mr bone's wild ride
120+ boosts - uh oh. oh no. no thank you


I think recognizing how Twitter delivers EXACTLY what we secretly desire is super important, and I don't think I see it talked about often enough. Among other things, it explains why Mastodon will not work as a replacement for some people: Mastodon doesn't replicate those terrible things that make Twitter exactly what it is.

This soft casual social experiment reminds me of that article about how 75% of white people have 0 friends of color. Like they only have white friends.

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