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Abstract picture of nighttime light trails
Capture by helaku h on Flickr

January 2024

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High on a throne of royal state.
Gustave Doré, from "Milton's Paradise Lost" New York: [ca. 1880?]

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February 2024

For a little dose of perspective: Here's a partial solar eclipse on Mars! It was captured by NASA's Perseverance rover two weeks ago.

Tiny moon Deimos can't cover the whole Sun, but it does make a cool looking transit. (Event sped up 10x, processing by Simeon Schmauss.)

this message is an apology, and part of a system of apologies
this is not a place of breakfast
no delicious plums are chilled here

we considered ourselves a forgivable culture

I am crying I am laughing so hard at the generated colours from @janellecshane 's blog:

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Imagine a cave, where various persons are imprisoned since birth. They are chained so as to create a fixed gaze upon a wall, on which can be seen the shadows of various entities walking past outside the cave— people, horses, carts. This audience would be, by nature, highly engaged with these shadows, which we may call "content". So what if— among these shadows— we were to include advertisements?

My niece shot this one while standing in a cave behind a frozen waterfall.

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March 2024

Something I've noticed a lot lately, is that especially Boomer women, but honestly, women in general, don't seem to ask for what they want or need in a direct way. I notice this a lot with my Mom and her friends. Instead of just asking for what they need directly they tell a story, to ask in a roundabout way. For instance, my Mom needed help this morning, and Instead of just saying, "Hey, I dropped my remote, can you pick it up for me?" She tells a one minute story about what happened, no ask, and eventually I get the point, and then suggest that I come pick it up. Or if one of her friends wants to do something like have a birthday party for a friend, they don't say "We should have a party!" They say, It's Sarah's Birthday coming up, you know she likes surprises, what does everyone think we should do?"

I often wonder if this is why older people think younger women are rude and demanding, because younger people often just ask for what they want and need in a more direct way. But also it's probably just straight up sexism, because men are supposed to make decisions, and women are supposed to make suggestions.

What do you all think? Is this just me? Have you experienced something similar?

Light Pillars Over Inner Mongolia

Image Credit & Copyright: N. D. Liao

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that saying "getting all your ducks in a row" makes no sense I mean how would that even h-

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This. This is so spot on. I could rant for days about the damage Thatcher & Reagan did to the world. People think Obama and the orange guy were consequential presidents - they weren't. They didn't really do anything much. We're still living in a Reagan/Thatcher world!

So much of getting old is like Hey you know that part of your body that you barely gave any thought to? Now it's the only thing you can think about.

April 2024

for Godzilla, every city is walkable

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