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An engraving of a mollusc shell, 1810
Capture by internetarchivebookimages on Flickr

January 2023

Works entering the public domain include:

Written work by: Agatha Christie, Baroness Orczy, Hermann Hesse, Marcel Proust, Upton Sinclair, and Virginia Woolf

Art by: Ansel Adams, Edward Hopper, Georgia O'Keeffe, René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, and Tamara de Lempicka

Films including The Jazz Singer, Metropolis, Napoléon, and Trolley Troubles

Music by Béla Bartók, Ira and George Gershwin, Igor Stravinsky, Irving Berlin, Louis Armstrong, Ruth Etting, and Sophie Tucker

@aspuru I past this fly-looking in somewhat regularly 😎

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this was the best thing I ever tweeted

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Melting my brain that this lists “Free shipping"

February 2023

this font rules, great work Braille Institute

I speak Chinese to the mirror
A park has its own winter
I put on music
Winter has no flies
I leisurely make coffee
Flies don’t know what is a homeland
I add a bit of sugar
A homeland is a native accent
I am on the other end of a phone line
And I hear my fear

Bei Dao 北島
on the solace of conversing in a native tongue, even if only with oneself, mirrored —
(hint: read every other line)

revisited this favorite poem in my translation seminar so this evening’s

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March 2023

Yes, the technical term for this is a "Brachistochrone". The turn around at midpoint is called a "skew flip". In the scifi show "The Expanse" they call the maneuver a "flip and burn"

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April 2023

To kill a French vampire, you need to drive a baguette through their heart. That might sound easy, but I assure you, it's painstaking.

Me trialing some mindship names with my pilot custom urushi
In case you're wondering
-the pond with nine branches means something beautiful
-the cloud floor is the court's reading room
-a snowy desk is a reference to reading by the reflection of light on snow
-the water hen's call is similar to quốc (water but above all country)
-the pine's amber refers to long life
-a red bird is a messenger

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Just released version 1.5 of GitHub Fiddle Tunes project, now with 50 traditional Irish 🎻🪕

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Release Release 1.5 · lorddev/fiddle-tunes
Now with 50 tunes! Deleted "Music in the Glen" Added "Vincent Campbell's" Added "Gallagher's Frolics" Added "Fisherman's Lilt" Added "The Woman of the House"

@moira @strangefour Well, apparently not.

> To simulate buildings being torn and thrown up into the air, miniatures were mostly made of lightweight materials such as cardboard, wafer-thin paraffin, gypsum and Styrofoam which was pre-cut and assembled. Some pieces were trained on the miniature set, blowing everything upwards thanks to multiple compressed air tanks underneath the set.

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Battle in Outer Space - Wikipedia

May 2023

Almost heaven, Transylvania
Magyar Castles, Carpathian Mountains
Life is old there, older than the trees
Paprika Hendl stew, makin' me thirsty

Dracula, take me home
To the place I belong
Transylvania, fearful peasants
Take me home, Dracula

Happy Mothra’s Day

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July 2023

For a while I thought it’d be cool to try and recreate the macrodata refinement terminal from severance in code. I finally started poking at it this afternoon using the Arduino PicoDVI library

Hey lovely Mastodon folk. I've just released an HP-35, HP-45, HP-80 simulator called HP-1973 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the HP-45 calculator. (Free) standalone versions for Mac and WIndows (no need for any Python installation or knowledge) & Python source for Linux. It's been a coding marathon, so it'd mean a lot to me if you could boost this post, so it gets in front of the right people. Download here: Enjoy.

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Saint Oppenheimer, with Joseph Stalin (left), Stanislaw Ulam (with spittoon), Edward Teller (center), and George Gamow (with cat).

[Montage by George Gamow, ca. 1950, courtesy of Claire & Françoise Ulam]

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August 2023

For a while I thought it’d be cool to try and recreate the macrodata refinement terminal from severance in code. I finally started poking at it this afternoon using the Arduino PicoDVI library

September 2023

John Singer Sargent. Miss Elsie Palmer, 1889-90.
"The Mona Lisa of Colorado Springs" they call her, and you can well see why. In a way it's a outside time and fashion, but the link below explains how upon closer inspection it can also be seen as a radical manifesto of late 19th-c. clothing and social reform. She was just 17 and an heiress. She dressed as she pleased, and he painted her like a pro.

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When I talk to comic book artists I always emphasize the importance of clearly separating their planes of depth. This rule is only for comics and does not apply to Turkish photographer Sami Uçan.

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If you've like me, you've found the "how much pain are you in on a scale of 0-10" question annoying to answer because everyone's 0-10 varies so much. Well, I wanted to share the new DVPRS pain scale, which defines 0-10 by how much it's impairing your life.

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Your Pain on a Scale of 1-10? Check Out a New DOD Way to Evaluate Pain
The Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale provides more and better ways to assess pain levels.

October 2023

Beautiful video ... with great music too.

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The slow-motion smarts of slime molds | The Physarum Experiments

I’m doing a watercolour course where one of the challenges is to do a landscape painting in ten brushstrokes or less. This is the result and I honestly love it.

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November 2023

📷 Gabriel Puyana
Re-tooted with altText

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I doubt there will ever be a political cartoon as accurate or timeless as this

Barbarity, Civilisation
René Georges Hermann-Paul (1899)

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If you don't love birds then I don't know what to tell you.

December 2023

Holy shit I love this map

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Coastal-chimera #4 was the pen piper, drawing in the tideline each day

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