See something, say something

Random stops along the way

High speed highway
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I’ve been keeping an eye on the some items that

  • Something on a little bit of fossilized legal speech you have probably heard at some time.
  • In my past life I did a few years of work on neutrinos, enough to find it that something as small as the Earth could manage to absorb them when conditions are right.
  • True life crime can be more crazy than what thriller writers think up. The story of Susan Kuhnhausen.
  • You can search for any term you like in the Trump Twitter Archive to find out what our leader has opined on the subject.
  • Some of these trilobites look ready to get up and swim around.
  • I could watch these traffic intersection simulations
for far too long. * Here is an exhaustive set of metrics on where to spend your [retirement]( around the U.S. Some of the scores I find disappointing. * I am of the right age to know about the [B-sides]( they're talking about in this podcast, but not obsessed enough to know the right answers to the trivia questions.

I actually had a few more, but these are the best.

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