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Shiny baubles from around the Internet, December 2017 edition

Tic tac toe beads
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Instead of passively consuming the nearly endless stream of content coming my way I thought I’d gather together a few items to share with everyone here.

  • Forty-nine years ago this happened:
* I particularly like this polyphonic visualization * We were moved when we saw the remnants of the Berlin Wall last October, so I was pleased to see the site for the online [memorial]( * It's been over two decades since I was passed over for tenure but the feelings this left behind are still pretty much as fresh as what I see in [this account]( of the experience. I wrote an account of my own experience [on Quora]( * Along the same lines as the tongue in cheek stories of [The Codeless code]( (unfortunately no longer live on the web) are [The Unix Koans of Master Foo]( * [Psychological safety in operations teams]( * This blog post was inspired by [52 things I learned in 2017](
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