Looking toward Delaware

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Once again we are moving, this time all the way back to the East Coast of the United States to the state of Delaware. Now that my parents are no longer living the biggest reason for our moving to California is no longer present, and an urge to simplify our lives seems to be calling us. Pamela also lost a family member who lived near Sacramento earlier this year who was the last member of that generation of her family living close to us. Neither of us has ever lived in Delaware previously, but we visited the little state for the first time about nine years ago and gradually came to the realization that this could turn out to be a great place for us to escape some of the bustle and expense of West Coast urban living back to a house of our own again.

At the present moment we are committed to leaving here, but do not yet have a specific place to move to yet while we conduct a search. The wheels are in motion to get us in to a temporary place, we hope for only a few months, while we concentrate on finding our next home. We came out to Wilmington earlier this year for a week to do a reality check and to look at some places to get a sense of what we’d like in a new home, but this exploratory trip was only long enough to firm the ideas up in our minds while we got our Alameda place ready to put up on the market. It happens that the housing market is tight right now, with interest rates up in order to fight inflationary pressures, leading anyone who’s looking to obtain a mortgage to doubt whether this is a really good time to be planning this kind of move. We think we can make it all work, and if the economy hits a good patch further down the line, do what we’ve done before to refinance to good benefit.

I do still have friends and family around here so we’ll be sure to be traveling back and forth in the coming years. The lure of being able to connect with our East Coast friends and family is what makes sense for us now, though. Although I was born and raised in California, by now I’ve spent just about half my life outside the state, nearly all of those years in more demanding climates than what is characteristic of our new place, so I am pretty sure I can make the adjustments I need to. My plan is to keep working for my present employer remotely, taking advantage of the time zones to be able to be able to attend more of the morning meetings I’ve had to pass up while three hours behind headquarters. And when it’s time to retire, I have some ideas about serious traveling that could work better from a base on the East Coast.

Wish us luck.

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