Writing update 2023 (4/4) and results for the year

A silhouette of a very spiky thistle fruit
Capture by Jonathan Cutrer on Flickr

I finished off the year with a whole bunch of poems online and in print. Here are the ones which were published over the last three months of the year.


  • I didn’t know the lights’d be so hot, Ode to aerogel, and Carcinisation – Star*Line 46.4
    Magazine cover showing a man holding a box menaced by a sorceror
  • Ode to form rejection notes – Up Your Arse Poetica, ebook and print
    Book cover showing a person playing a double flute while thumbing the nose
  • adapted neuroclaws, I think she likes me, and sea bottom:Five Fleas
  • From the tongue of a witness – Penumbric vol vii, issue 3
  • Chasing encaustics in the shallows – Dreams and Nightmares 125
    Magazine cover showing a reclining figure and a hovering outline of another studded with stars
  • Our teeming sea – Phantom Kangaroo Issue No. 30 ebook
    Magazine cover showing a dark sky with clouds and a few hovering spacecraft



  • to breathe, the there it is, frozen in a rut, and racing toward that last breath – Five Fleas, December 13, 2023
  • in micropolished scales, your eye color, their first night, the deep stone well, – Heliosparrow Poetry Journal, December 13, 2023 11 10 9 8
  • The Deal Is Off and Talk Market Crash – Call Me [brackets], Call me (out)
  • People also ask – dadakuku December 20, 2023
  • Klein Dog in Hunger Canyon: Light Speed – Chrome Baby, Bairn 128

There were 94 poetry submissions published on the web and 31 in printed form, each total a record for me. On Duotrope my acceptance rate is 36.1% per batch of poems, and in terms of the individual works I sent out, my success rate came to 15.4% for the last year. This is above average for their other subscribers submitting work to the publications I approached. I am happy with this and feel as though this gives me a boost to continue following the same method I’ve worked out over the past few years.

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