Writing update 2022 (4/4)

Table texture T4L
Capture by Dietmar Down Under on Flickr

I've been doing my best to close out the calendar year strong with this set of poems in print, some of which I had been awaiting for over twelve months.


  • Vacation postcards, The Mechanics of Silica Under Tension, Is Not-Is, Cataphract, and The doornail - Danse Macabre, 145

  • The Mothersong of Dame Polonia - Bewildering Stories, Issue 968

  • Cortege - Liquid Imagination, Issue 52

  • As We Creep Back Into the World - Stranged Writing: A Literary Taxonomy, an anthology by The Gravity of the Thing

  • “clockwork bloodhound,” “recognizing,” and “A violin” - Five Fleas

  • Winter root steeple - Right Hand Pointing 149 Otoliths cover

  • Specular reflections, 1000 radiant cranes, A is not A, Digamma variant, Floor of the Deep, and What it was like there isn’t what they say, - otoliths, Southern Summer, 2022



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