Writing update 2023 (3/4)

A macro shot of many colored gumdrop candies
Capture by terren in Virginia on Flickr


  • It’s only vacuum out there, Bouquets for post-humanity ,Open House, and Spar - Star*Line 46.3
    Magazine cover showing a skull-headed android
  • Incoming message - Songs of Eretz
  • Zoom reading, Arctic summer and Field of mustard, Sein und Werden, 1 July 2023
  • Live reading, Like the one - Baycon 2023, Birds of a Feather: genre poetry session, 3 July 2023
  • Tumbling from gravity - Five Fleas
  • Message from your hive queen, - dadakuku


  • *Get used to it" – Mobius: the Journal of Social Change Volume 34, Number 3
  • Zoom reading of poems reprinted in the 2023 Dwarf Stars Anthology, August 4 and 5: “long story short, Most highly honored, and “sawdust protected our torsos”.
  • Ashes are what we own - Uppagus Issue 58
  • ‘down the line”, “twenty paces behind”, “online storefront”, “peepholes in my teeth”, and “under” Five Fleas
  • Everyone shops at Opthalmo-Mart and Scoured, Chrome Baby 125
  • Nature needs to shut up, dadakuku 125


  • tick, the offspring’s weight in rice, and they like to dance Five Fleas
  • 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine dadakuku
  • I regret almost all of it and Past this world – Borrowed Solace, Twilight Zone
  • Force against force – Abyss and Apex Issue 88
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