Writing update 2023 (2/4)

An ornate painted iron radiator
Capture by oatsy40 on Flickr


  • when the gotchaberries bloom again, - dadakuku

  • True vacuum, Flying the Carboniferous, and Countup - Star*Line 46.2

  • “Century 31”,“triangles for lunch”,“curtsies to Dalmatia”, and *“egoless at last],” Five Fleas

  • Sarafina‚Äôs Sparklicious Adventure, - Bewildering Stories 993

  • Finger guns salute, On your equipment, and Your color palette, 2011, Chrome Baby, Bairn 121

  • “true true true,” and “stacks of stolen kisses,” Five Fleas
    Otoliths cover

  • Rations rejected by angels, The sport of technocrats, London forgives the flaws in the telling, The mirror-backed cabinet in oak, A visit to Wernicke’s ineffable land, Location, location, location, and Cendrillon la belle, - otoliths


  • An American ballad, Mobius: the Journal of Social Change, May 2023
  • Venus of Arrokoth, Merger, The original error renews itself, Concentrated States of Being, and What I think about, - Danse Macabre 150
  • the shackles of illusion, dadakuku, May 6
  • “slicing through”, “I won’t”, and “progress bar”, Five Fleas


My poems “long story short” and “sawdust protected our torsos” which appeared in Five Fleas in 2022 have been nominated as eligible for the 2023 Dwarf Stars award and are appearing in this year’s print anthology. Also, The closest traitor was nominated to the longlist for the 2023 Rhysling Award in the short category.

My poem Serafina’s Sparklicious Adventure was one of The Order of the Hot Potato selections for this quarter at Bewildering Stories for the amount of controversy it stirred up. I am fine with that.

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