Writing update 2022 (2/4)

Pieces I've published in the second quarter of 2022

Here is the next group of my published work this year, another thirty titles online, in print, and even streaming audio. As in the last set, for the ones which appear between covers along with other items of fantastic poetry and prose, I’ve put up some images of how those volumes look. In among the fantasy and science fiction and surrealism there are a few mainstream pieces there, maybe on the edge of speculation. Some are short micropoems and some are long pieces split up into stanzas, and there a few prose poems in the mix also.


Dreams and Nightmares 120 cover
Eccentric Orbits 3 cover showing an alien vista


Dreams and Nightmares 121 cover


Dwarf Stars 2022

Where is this all going for me? All this variety makes for an interesting task when I consider how I might want to put things together for people to read in one place, providing an experience which I hope isn’t too chaotic. There is one book-length collection with a bunch of pieces at an editor, including a bunch which haven’t appeared anywhere, but it’s way too early to say anything much about whether this will come together.

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