Writing update 2024 (1/4)

A mermaid seen from below with a vortex ring in front
Capture by Klaus Stiefel on Flickr

The first three months of the year had the usual crop of surreal micropoetry and a few print and online publications of speculative poetry. I also participated in an in-person event for a book launch for the Delaware Bards Anthology of 2023 where I read the mainstream poem included in the volume.


  • “your planet’s not gone -”, The Creature of the Black Lagoon Is a FB Friend, and Thanks to dark energy - Star*Line 47.2
    Magazine cover showing a winged female figure holding a garment
  • “in case of love”, “resplendent trogans”, “gaps”, “the telescopefish”, and “cicadas were their bridesmaids” – Five Fleas January 10, 2024
  • Detail - Eye to the Telescope 51
  • analog life - dadakuku, 21 January 2024
  • [it is not], Heliosparrow Poetry Review January 12, 2024


  • “adorning”, “on each raindrop”, “raw throats it’s not”, and “unlike butterflies” – Five Fleas, 17 February 2024
  • “On the stand” and “Deposition on cycle 2844.5” – Dreams and Nightmares 126
    Magazine cover showing a small sailing vessel and a very large tentacled creature above it


My poem The mirror-backed cabinet in oak which appeared in the otoliths anthology last April was nominated for the 2024 Rhysling Award in the Long poem category. It would still need to pass the Rhysling jury to make it to the short list and be reprinted in this year’s anthology and be eligible for voting.

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