Writing update 2022 (1/4)

Things I've published the first three months of this year

Last year was my most active year when it came to having poetry appear in print. I was not sure whether I was going to keep up the pace this year, given the many distractions the world has been throwing at me, but as I look back at January through March, I can see that the results are actually coming in even faster. I have 28 pieces either online or in print which is more than half of my total for last year (51). So, instead of waiting until the end of the year like I did then, I thought I’d start putting up a post every quarter with links to where these things can be found. Again, I’ve marked the items which would be eligible for a Rhysling Award next year with a little star for those who might be interested in nominating them for SFPA awards.


Star*Line 45.1 cover



My 2021 poem "[shedding photons]" listed in my last writing post was nominated for a 2022 Rhysling Award in the short category by members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. This is my second nomination, with the previous one ten years ago, and I am as pleased as can be.

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